“Too often I was finding myself going through ups and downs with my body image and would workout for a specific purpose; whether it be for an upcoming holiday or major social event. After I would find myself back to old habits and gradually becoming unhappy again. The Body Guide has helped me rethink my mindset to continuously live a healthy and well balanced lifestyle. I’m so happy with my results!”

Jacqui D

“Mid way through last year a friend recommended The Body Guide, something she had been using for months with great results. I started in September 2016 and here I am today. Fit, healthy and STRONG! Looking at photos from 10 months ago, I literally just don’t recognise myself. I feel like a different person.“

Kate Q

“I decided to try out The Body Guide in February of this year (2017). I decided to give it a go because I was unhappy with my weight, had poor eating habits and had tried a variety of popular meal and diet plans which had failed to achieve the results I’d hoped for. This was it for me. I was really hoping this one would ‘work’ because I was feeling so frustrated and disappointed with my inability to lose weight. Not long after I started The Body Guide, I began to see results. And it’s. It just because of the workouts and recipes, but because of all the mindset stuff it includes as well that helped me change how I was approaching the whole thing. The Body Guide really helped me understand the importance of nutrition, sleep and taking care of yourself. I went into this thinking I’d try it for a while and after following their programs for almost a whole year, I can’t imagine ever stopping. I’m the fittest I’ve ever been! I’ve created new habits which will guide me for the rest of my life. “

Kate M

“I have improved so much in the last 8 weeks, I’m stronger and fitter than I have been in nearly a year. My confidence levels have gone up, I am now comfortable buying and wearing clothes that I wouldn’t even go near 8 weeks ago.”

Nikki K

“In August 2016 I saw a post from a friend with her success story using The Body Guide. At this point I was really unhappy within myself – I had poor eating habits, hated the way I looked and had tried and failed with other “diet” fads. Her results were incredible so I thought I’d give it a go. The CE’s easy recipes and 30 minute workouts meant it was actually easy to start and stick to. I was so excited when I started seeing results after the first week. I had more energy and no longer had that bloated feeling. I knew it was standard that it normally takes 4 weeks for other people to start seeing my results and that just made me more determined – what could I achieve in another months time? After just a couple of weeks the results spoke for themselves. My legs and bum slimmed down and I actually had tummy lines… but the best bit was that I felt so much more confident with myself. I just kept going too, and my results kept coming. I’m so happy with how I look and feel now. It just shows – when you put in the hard work you get results!”

Ellen W

“I started The Body Guide because I just wanted to get fitter and stronger. I never really disliked how I looked, I just thought I wanted to lose a little bit of fat on my hips and improve my general muscle tone. I’d tried a few different programs before but I always lost interest after a while or just found them impossible to stick to. That’s what I loved about The Body Guide, it isn’t ridiculously strict or boring… it’s recipes are simple and even though I was pretty fit before I started, the workouts always get me sore! Now I’m fitter, stronger and more confident, it what makes me happiest is that I’ve been able to follow the program longer than anything else I’ve ever tried, I reached all my goals and am setting even more of 2018!

Cheree P

“The CE gave me that balance, showed me how to eat without being super restrictive, and the workouts weren’t all ‘go, go, go’ they remind you to take the time for your body to recharge…taking the time to stretch and even go for a walk, I used to think if i was only eating a certain amount of calories or doing super intensive workouts i wasn’t going to get anywhere well you proved me wrong! haha I honestly can say this is the greatest I’ve ever felt and looked! I love how strong i feel and my body shape has really change a lot in the last year, I’m almost never bloated and not as wobbly around my belly haha. Thank you so much The CE for your constant support in helping me achieve my first goal and for keeping me going since! you guys are definitely more than your average ‘workout guide’.”

Holly R

“Life was completely different before I start with The Body Guide. I felt weak and really low on self confidence/self esteem. Everything just seemed hard. Physically and mentally. I knew something needed to change. Life couldn’t continue to go on that way. The CE has given me a real sense of direction. My confidence has improved so much. I’m strong physically and mentally. Using The CE’s Body Guide is extremely easy. I’m busy – I have 2 daughters, I study and work but still find time to follow the guide. The results have been super rewarding! I wouldn’t even know myself now. Even just after 8 weeks! The feeling is already amazing. I’m fitter. I’m healthier and I’m stronger! My children get the best of me which is the most rewarding part of the whole process. There is definitely no turning back.”

Poppy F

“Following a severe case of glandular fever 5 years ago, I fell into some lazy habits. I was so rundown that every 2nd week (no exaggeration) I was in bed with the flu – constantly having to cancel on everything. I would exercise once a week and would leave for a 10 hour day of work with no prepared food – stopping for bags of lollies. I became addicted to sugar and got told I would have diabetes in 5 years. I would go through short ‘health stints’ and thus put on a tonne of weight, had shocking self esteem, had to nap to get through the day and was so unfit I struggled to walk up stairs. The Body Guide helped me to stop using glandular fever as an excuse and take control over not only how I wanted to look – but more importantly how I wanted to feel. It surprises me that preparing nutritious food and doing some form of exercise every day is now part of my routine. I’m only part way through my journey and I’m so excited to know I get to feel this good forever! “

Melissa C