What is The Body Guide?

It’s a fitness and lifestyle program that guides you through workouts, meals and recovery. The Body Guide includes the Fitness, Nutrition & Regeneration Editions. All 3 of these editions work together to get you strong, healthy and confident – getting you the body you want.

How do I download my ebook/s?

As soon as you make your purchase, you will be directed to an “order complete” page where you’ll be able to download the ebook/s you have purchased. For every ebook you purchase, there will be a separate link, which you access and then ‘save’ – this will download your ebooks.

How do I use my ebook/s?

Once you have downloaded your ebook/s, you can save them to your phone or computer or even print them out, whatever is easiest for you. Plus The Body Guide ebooks are easily transferable to your different devices.

How do I use The Diary?

Once you have downloaded The Diary, you’ll see that it comes with 8 preset weeks. We recommend printing it out and having it bound, so you can easily track your 8 week fitness and lifestyle experience. And should you wish to repeat a program or progress to the next, you can re-print The Diary and repeat its use, so you always stay on track and focused.

Is this a subscription?

No. There’s no trickery here. All of the editions of The Body Guide only require a one off payment. Once you have made your purchase, that’s it, your ebooks are yours to keep!

Will I be doing this alone?

Absolutely not! You will be joining a friendly, supportive, community of women who are with you as you progress through your fitness and lifestyle experience together. All you have to do is search #theCElife and #WeAreTheCE hashtags on Instagram, and follow users of The Body Guide and you’ll stay supported and motivated.

What help is available?

The Collective Elite is all about support. Should you have any questions that can’t be answered via our FAQs, email The CE Customer Care Team at and we will be sure to respond within 24 hours!

Is The Body Guide only suitable for women?

The Body Guide’s workouts have been formulated specifically for women to get that lean, toned look. However, our recipes and Nutrition Method will help anyone get amazing fat loss results – both men and women. And our regeneration techniques and activities are perfect for anyone looking to create balance.

Where do I send my Before & After photos?

There are two ways you can get your before and after pics to us if you want to be featured and inspire others at the same time. The first is via Instagram, by uploading the pic to your account (must be public), tagging us and using the hashtag #theCElife. Or, you could send it to Whatever is easier for you!


What are the workouts like?

Our workouts are suitable for anyone and everyone, as we start you from beginner level and progress you week to week through to advanced. They have been designed to get you to your fittest, fast whilst getting you that lean, toned look. The CE Workout Method is the perfect combination of strength training and HIT (high intensity training), designed to maximise our secret weapon, the afterburn effect.

AFTERBURN EFFECT: Also known as EPOC (Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption), the afterburn effect is your body working to restore itself to a pre-exercise state; and that requires plenty of oxygen. During EPOC, your metabolism speeds up so it can supply all that oxygen, and it burns fat to do it. The longer you’re in EPOC, the more fat you burn; so the best workouts focus on driving the burn. The CE Workout Method extends EPOC and its fat burning benefits for up to 24-48 hours.

How long do the workouts take?

Not long! Our workouts are so effective, you won’t work out for more than 30 minutes.

What equipment do I need?

Not much…just 2 sets of dumbbells (3 & 5kg), an exercise mat and the stopwatch on your phone is all you need to get started!

I’m unfit, is this program ok for me?

Of course! The Body Guide Fitness Edition Weeks 1-8 was created for the woman just getting started. It starts you off at beginner level and is expertly designed to progress your strength and fitness week to week.

I don't want to get big and bulky... what type of results will I get?

Fear not! Our workouts have been specifically designed to achieve a long, lean and ‘toned’ look.

Can I do this if I’m injured, pregnant or have a medical condition?

We’re all about health, so even though we’d love to have you, we recommend you consult with your doctor before starting any of our programs if you have any of the above conditions, to see if they’re right for you.

When and where do I workout?

Anywhere, anytime. Our programs recommend set days for set workouts, to progress you and keep you on track, but the time of day and location you do them depends on what works best for you. Our workouts can be done anywhere, either in your living room or at the gym, the choice is yours.

How long does it take to start seeing results?

Only 2 weeks. We guarantee you fast results. And these results can be even faster when pairing ebooks. Why? Because you’ll be targeting your health completely, putting your body in a state of balance and therefore accelerating your results.

Is there any way for me to trial your workouts before I purchase?

Absolutely! We know there’s nothing better than ‘try before you buy’ – You can simply sign up for our 3 free workouts..


I’m not the greatest cook. Are the meals hard to make?

Not at all. All our meals are easy to prepare, with a short list of ingredients and minimal steps and will go from prep to table in less than 15 minutes.

What is The CE’s philosophy on food?

We can’t stand diet-style, restrictive approaches to food or calorie counting – our approach is simple: eat real food. We avoid fake, processed food and opt for fuelling our bodies with nutritious meals that promote health, because we believe that bettering your health starts from the inside.

Will I be hungry?

Absolutely not! Our meal plan includes breakfast, lunch, a snack, dinner and occasionally even dessert. We promote eating when you’re hungry, not starving yourself and basing meals on ingredients that will leave you fuller for longer. We believe that food must be enjoyable to be sustainable and you can’t do that by going hungry.

Do you have vegetarian/vegan options?

Although our recipes haven’t been specifically curated for vegetarians and vegans, many of our 50+ recipes are vegetarian and/or vegan friendly.

Are the recipes suitable for people with allergies?

Yes. Our food is based on an ‘eat real food’ approach – nothing processed. So, the majority of our recipes are gluten, lactose and sugar free. However, we do recommend that you consult your doctor before commencing our programs.

What is included in my meal plan?

Your meal plan outlines how some of our 50+ recipes within The Body Guide Nutrition Edition can be used across a typical week. This includes meal prep, choosing recipes that work for you and even a treat meal – your meal plan shows you how to make eating well part of your healthy lifestyle.

Are the ingredients expensive and hard to find?

No – eating well doesn’t have to mean spending time and money. That’s why all our recipes were created to be made with ease. That means they’re all based on inexpensive, easy to find ingredients that can be sourced from your local supermarket.

I have a family – will I have to cook multiple meals each night?

Absolutely not. All our recipes aren’t just nutritious, simple and tasty, they’re family friendly and easy to make in larger quantities if you have more mouths to feed than just yours. Plus, the fact that they’re easily made to larger quantities makes meal prepping easy, ensuring you’re always prepared for those days you’re tight on time.

Do I need to count calories?

No. Counting calories is not needed when your meals are based on real, nutritious, unprocessed food, that are designed to promote fat loss as all recipes in The Body Guide Nutrition Edition are.

Alcohol: am I allowed?

We don’t recommend alcohol as part of a healthy lifestyle, but we do know it’s part of life. That’s why within The Body Guide Nutrition Edition, we’ve outlined the best way to approach alcohol so you can maintain your health as well as your social life.

Coffee: how many can I have?

We don’t have a problem with coffee, we know sometimes it’s just plain essential. But there are a few tricks to making the caffeine kick work for you and not against you. You’ll find our recommendations on the best way to approach coffee within The Body Guide Nutrition Edition.

What happens if I have an event or want to go out?

Then go and enjoy yourself! You can even have some pizza and a cocktail! Our approach to nutrition means you’re allowed to schedule in a weekly treat. Once a week you can have a meal of your choice – it’s what you do the rest of the time that counts. With our approach to nutrition, we show you how to maintain your health as well as your social life.


What is regeneration?

Regeneration refers to any activity that decreases physical and mental stress and promotes a state of balance to both body and mind.

Do I really need to do this?

This is the most overlooked element of living a healthy lifestyle, so we recommend that you do. Most people don’t recognise how much they need it until they start doing it. You’ll feel better for it, we promise.

What equipment will I need?

Not much! Just an exercise mat, which you will probably have from workouts, plus a foam roller.

I’m tight on time, will these activities take long?

Not at all. Our Regeneration sequences and activities are short and effective. Plus, our approach is totally customisable, depending on how you’re feeling – so a little extra time and attention is an option, but only if you need it.


General shipping info.

All ebooks are available for download instantly after purchase. However, The Body Guide Special Edition includes a hardcover book that will be shipped express to you. We dispatch all orders of the Special Edition within 24 hours on business days (Mon-Fri). Please remember the postman doesn’t work on weekends and public holidays, but we will always get your order out to you as soon as possible.
All deliveries will require a signature upon delivery. However if you’re happy for the postman to leave it for you, please include “ATL” (Authority To Leave) in the ‘notes’ section of your order.

How will The Body Guide Special Edition be delivered to me?

Your order will be shipped to you via DHL Express for FREE and will be shipped out within 24 hours of your purchase. Once you receive your delivery, inside The Collective Elite gift box you will find both The Body Handbook and a card with your unique code to download the Special Edition ebook. Head to the website as directed on your card and enter your code to access your copy of The Body Guide Special Edition ebook and The Diary.

Do you ship worldwide?

Absolutely! We offer FREE EXPRESS shipping worldwide using DHL Express.

How long does shipping take?

For orders shipped within Australia, you should receive your delivery within 2 business days if you’re within a metro area, however rural areas can take approximately 5 days.
For orders shipped outside Australia, most orders will arrive at your door within 5 business days.

Do you ship to PO Boxes?

Unfortunately not. DHL Express does not allow for delivery to PO Boxes – please provide a residential address upon checkout to ensure you get your order quickly.

How can I pay?

We make it simple. You can pay for The Body Guide via PayPal or Credit Card, whichever you prefer.

Didn’t find what you’re looking for? Head over to our contact page and get in touch.