Welcome to The Collective Elite. We’re a revolutionary fitness and lifestyle movement and we do things differently…

We focus on our health not on our weight. We don’t do restrictive diets. Instead we eat to nourish and respect ourselves. We workout because we love our bodies not because we hate them. And because this is our way of life, we look good and we feel good. Always.


Women from all over the world are changing their lives with our fitness and lifestyle experience.


Since launch in 2016, thousands are already standing with us. And we’re just getting started…


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The Collective Elite was founded by personal trainers Dwayne Anthony and Ellie Bell in Melbourne, Australia in 2016 in a response to what they saw to be a growing problem across the women’s health and fitness landscape.

Dwayne and Ellie were witnessing their clients and women on social media fall victim to quick-fix, gimmicky fitness and diet fads. They knew that these so-called ‘solutions’ were doing nothing but sending women into a never-ending cycle of frustration. They could see women switching between an unenjoyable, restrictive ‘diet-style’ period where they try to get results…before defaulting back to an unhealthy lifestyle, then having to start the process again.

“Looking and feeling good is simply the by-product of being healthy.”

With their combined 15 years health and fitness industry experience and the relentless effort of The Collective Elite team, Dwayne and Ellie are revolutionising the way women get results. They’re shifting the focus from weight loss and the stress that comes with it to simply living a healthy lifestyle. Through The Body Guide, they’ve created a sustainable real solution that women actually enjoy living that gets, and keeps results. Being a part of The Collective Elite means standing for the idea that looking and feeling good is simply the by-product of being healthy.



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