To all our challenge babes!

Whether this is your first round of #THECE8WC or not… welcome! We’re so excited to be sharing another round of #THECE8WC with each and every one of you!

So now that the time has come to get started, we feel the need to be clear with you all about something… and that’s the fact that your workouts will definitely get you fit and strong, but it’s your nutrition that gets you healthy and lean. Working out and eating well won’t just ensure you feel your best, but of course, you look it.

And don’t forget to take the time to recover, too. Stretching, foam rolling and just giving back to your physical and mental health is so overlooked when it comes to making healthy changes, but it will have you feeling calmer, more balanced and better than ever. We can promise you, that once you start a recovery and regeneration routine, you’ll wonder how you ever went without it.

So there you have it… change your lifestyle and you’ll transform you bod. Don’t be fooled by those gimmicky Instagram ads and fads… this is a full body deal. We just want to be real with you babe. After all, honesty is love, right?

And lastly we just hope you have fun across every week of #THECE8WC. This isn’t just about getting those (inevitable) results… it’s about living #theCElife and sharing your experience with other babes along the way. That’s because when you join #THECE8WC, you’re part of our amazing community of supportive and inspirational babes. So don’t forget to use the hashtag #THECE8WC and ‘friend’ some of the other babes doing the challenge, so we can continue to motivate each other and totally crush #THECE8WC together!

And of course, we’re with you absolutely every step – we’re only a DM or email away.

Can’t wait to see your transformation!

Ellie & Dwayne