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10 reasons strength training is #1.


08 / 11 / 17



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“Do you even lift?” The question that seems to be absolutely everywhere, but why? What’s the big deal? Well, resistance training, aka strength training is, we’ll say it, is the number one form of training. But seriously, what’s so good about it? Well, let us explain…

Here are the top 10 reasons you should be including strength training in your workout schedule:

  1. Increases strength: Duhhh, but let’s start with the obvious. Strength training increases not only your strength, but your power too. You’ll increase your lean muscle mass, which will have you looking fitter and stronger, plus you’ll be able to do everyday things (like carrying all you groceries in at once, because two trips is for suckers) more easily.
  2. Increases fitness: Strength training boosts your endurance too. You need to be fit in order to continually strength train, so your body will adapt. So it’s time to celebrate! Because those long, boring cardio sessions can get scratched off your workout schedule – strength training has got your cardio covered if you’re doing it the right way like The CE Workout Method.
  3. Boosts your metabolism: Your body needs to burn more calories to maintain muscle than it does to maintain fat, so just by engaging in strength training you’ll automatically be burning more calories. In other words, you’ll be boosting your metabolism just by simply swapping your steady state cardio for strength training.
  4. Gets you toned: As your metabolism increases and your strength improves, so does how you look. You’ll be leaner, stronger and fitter – and you’ll look it. Strength training promotes fat loss, giving you the long, lean look we’re all after. To maximise the effect of toning, circuit style strength workouts (The CE Workout Method) will always be your best bet.
  5. Improves body mechanics: Strength training benefits aren’t limited to how we look on the outside; it also improves how we function on the inside. Your body will improve in how it functions – meaning you can look forward to better your balance & coordination too.
  6. Prevents disease: From musculoskeletal issues to Diabetes, regular strength training means you’ll spend less time being sick. That means you’ll have more time to workout – and the healthy cycle continues..!
  7. Improves mood:You’ll be boosting your endorphins too, putting you in a good mood more often. Plus, there are other huge benefits… strength training will also decrease your risk of Depression, help you better handle stress, improve your sleep and boost your overall quality of life.
  8. Boosts energy levels:When you’re leaner, fitter, stronger and healthier it’s a no brainer that you’ll have more energy. You won’t just feel more physically capable, you’ll actually be more capable and you’ll have the energy to put it into practice.
  9. Decreases injury risk: The stronger you get, the more balanced and coordinated you’ll be – so from picking up a heavy bag to lifting the weights that got you there, you’ll be using the right muscle groups. You’ll say bye bye to poor movement patterns, and with them, your risk of injury.
  10. Improves posture: Strength training doesn’t just make you look fit and feel good, it promotes balance and assists in bringing your body into physical alignment – and that means better posture. In other words, you won’t just feel more confident, you’ll look it. You’ll stand tall.

In other words, by regularly getting your sweat on with some resistance training you’ll feel strong and confident, look fit and healthy, sleep better, stress less, get sick less often and spend less time on the injury bench. So, you could choose to skip strength training, and with that, skip all those benefits, but why would you?

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