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Nurse and model, and self-professed beach lover, Brooklyn Kelly is one clever, compassionate beach babe. Passionate about all things healthy living, Brooklyn sat down with us to speak about true health & what it means to be one of The CE Women.

    What does being one of “The CE Women” mean to you?

    It’s amazing to be apart of such a great community filled with woman who are so incredibly inspirational. CE is built to build up and support woman and that’s something that I love being apart of.

    What does being ‘truly healthy’ mean to you?

    Truly healthy to me is not only about what you put into your body but it’s also about being happy with yourself, eating the foods that you enjoy, socialising with great friends and meeting new people, laughing and just really taking life as it comes and enjoying every part of being who you are … I think balance and moderation is a big key factor in being truly healthy.

    What do you love about The Body Guide?

    I’ve got The Special Edition and it’s absolutely incredible, it has everything you need to work towards a healthier lifestyle and it’s the best size. I have small hands so it’s perfect! It’s full of healthy recipes, yoga exercises and information about the be benefits of exercising. It’s a book that is REAL – real about food, real about fitness, real about living a healthy and happy lifestyle.

    The CE loves to celebrate inspirational women. Who inspires you, and why?

    My mother inspires me! She had me at a young age. She is such a hard worker and always sees the good in people, she is always so strict on what I and my siblings put our bodies and how we look after ourselves making sure were eating healthy foods and leading active lifestyles. She really builds us up and encourages us to just go for it and take every chance and opportunity we get.

    What does a typical day in the life of Brooklyn Kelly look like?

    Waking up to have breakfast with my boyfriend at 7am. Then heading to the gym to do a class and then heading over to mums for a coffee before leave for work from 2-10, getting home at 10:15 and heading to bed!

    Is there anything you dislike and think needs to change in the health and fitness industry?

    Not particularly, everyone has a choice to make and it’s their decision weather they want to go down the right or wrong paths.

    Why is your health a priority for you?

    As a nurse I see all the impacts or leading a unhealthy lifestyle at work and it reminds me of how incredible the body is and how easily it can deteriorate from bad habits. Also as a model it’s extremely important to look after my body and keep my skin looking nice and have a healthy appearance.

    You stay healthy, fit and look good all year round. What inspires you to live this way everyday?

    I feel better when I fill my body with clean foods and my skin and body feels better when I exercise it really boosts my confidence and I like feeling confident.

    What makes you feel confident?

    Looking good boosts my confidence, I like waking up in the mornings and being happy with myself and my body. Exercising, eating well, dressing nicely and really putting time aside for “me time” helps a lot.

    What’s your favourite quote, and why?

    “People like to throw stones at things that SHINE. Never stop shining.”

    It’s just a true quote and I love it! It speaks for itself really.

    De-stressing, recovering and taking the time to regenerate is often an overlooked aspect of health. What is your ‘go-to’ regeneration activity?

    De-stressing for me is going for a walk along the beach or taking time to have a bath and listening to music.

    A workout gives you so much more than physical benefits. What do your workouts do for you?

    I love doing the classes they are challenging but so much fun. Working out is not only great for my body but it gives me time to reflect on myself and release any tension or anger that I have.

    Having ‘strength’ can mean so many things…what does it mean to you?

    Having strength means being physically and mentally strong and being able to take on what ever life throws at you whether it’s good or bad.

    What’s the best piece of advice you would give to women today?

    Be yourself ! Embrace yourself ! Take on your weirdness, don’t mould into what people think and want you to be. Stand out and shine. There is only one of you!

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