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Fitness model turned health coach and founder of The Clean Treats Factory, Charlie De Haas is the ultimate #GirlBoss. Entrepreneur in the wellness space, the always hustling Charlie shares her thoughts on what it means to be truly healthy plus what it means to her to be one of The CE Women.

    What does being one of “The CE Women” mean to you?

    I couldn’t be more thankful to be chosen as one, to share love and education. We need to build more strength in our communities, together we can be the healthy change in the world.

    What does being ‘truly healthy’ mean to you?

    A life in balance. Being able to mindfully check in with your body, energy levels and mind as to what you need right now, re food, physical fitness and soul happiness.

    What do you love about The Body Guide?

    Its easy to use, very appealing and so well done.

    The CE loves to celebrate inspirational women. Who inspires you, and why?

    Every day I am so blessed to be in this world, living a life I love to live. Everyone I meet inspires me in some way, for a moment or awhile. Everybody has their own story; we need to be more understanding. Social media success isn’t everything, sometimes getting out of bed on a bad day can mean more to someone.

    What does a typical day in the life of Charlie De Haas look like?

    I am working on my best hours of work depending on my body rhythms. I love to run in the am, there’s nothing better than feeling my body move in the chilly air, while half the world is still asleep to the morning sunrise (it’s so damn gorgeous it needs to be appreciated). I feel this gives me clarity. I then plan my day, eat, meetings, emails or client visits. I then do either yoga or might go to the gym. Followed by dinner, reading and my new ‘soul homework’ every night, creative writing, before my gratitude practice. However, some days I’m in production which means a full day of product creation.

    Is there anything you dislike and think needs to change in the health and fitness industry?

    The words ‘diet’ and ‘busy’ should be swear words. In fact I’m going to remove ‘busy’ from my vocab. Like are you really? Or is it a sense of importance. Instead I’ll say ‘I’m productive’. And diet, well, just a bad bad habit for everyone, that’s only associated with negativity, restrictions and not feeling like you are enough.

    Why is your health a priority for you?

    Right now, I’m on a connected journey. I’ve found amazing balance in my mind (with my business and eating), and my physical state (how and when I exercise, or when I go to yoga practice or when I do nothing), so now I’m really focusing on my soul happiness. What makes me so happy in my heart I can’t help but smile. What makes me believe in the greater good. What feels right. So it’s currently about sitting with things and tuning in.

    You stay healthy, fit and look good all year round. What inspires you to live this way everyday?

    I wasn’t always; I used to be a yo-yo dieter. It’s only been the past 12 months that I’ve felt truly at ease by not dieting and finding what exercise works for me.

    What makes you feel confident?

    Wearing heels and beautiful lingerie. Might sound superficial or empty but it’s so true. You can’t help but exude confidence even if no one is going to see it, it’s about making the effort for yourself. Do your makeup, do your hair… for YOU. Oh…and running.

    What’s your favourite quote, and why?

    “Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.” – Mother Theresa.

    Because it shows that you can make a small difference in one persons day and that is more than enough.

    Is there a greater cause that you want to use your online influence for? If so, what is it?

    We are about to launch/currently working on our ‘good vibes’ girls group for delinquent teenagers/youth off the streets. I was one, and I feel that if I can break the cycle and create change, I just might be able to inspire someone, but also to utilise our connections in the health and wellness world and build a beautiful support community whilst educating teens about the importance of self love, eating well and being there for them.

    De-stressing, recovering and taking the time to regenerate is often an overlooked aspect of health. What is your ‘go-to’ regeneration activity?

    I go away once a month. The physical act of removing yourself from your direct world/stresses and ‘to dos’ is hugely beneficial. And I have self love Sunday every week. It’s my date with myself that is UN breakable because I am the CEO of my life.

    A workout gives you so much more than physical benefits. What do your workouts do for you?

    They are an investment for my mind and soul. For me to be the best version I can be.

    Having ‘strength’ can mean so many things…what does it mean to you?

    The ability to be weak.

    What’s the best piece of advice you would give to women today?

    Know that you are perfect, as you are, right now. Create a mantra relative to you (mine is, “I am loved, I am loving, and I am loveable”).

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