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What was life like before you made your lifestyle change?

Before I made my lifestyle change I felt miserable, I hated looking at myself in the mirror and seeing that all of my clothes were too tight. I lacked the confidence that I have always had in the past and I felt like I had really let myself down by putting on so much weight and living so unhealthy. I never had any energy and didn’t want to go to social events as I felt uncomfortable in everything I wore.

What inspired you to start living #theCElife, what was the motivating factor for you?

When I looked into The CE program I noticed it was a lifestyle that I used to follow and that worked well with me, before starting the CE program I had tried and failed to get back on track with my health and fitness so having a set program that I could follow meant it was easier for me to stay on track. My main motivation was myself, knowing how I looked and felt in the past when I lived a healthy and fit lifestyle, it was something I wanted to work towards being like again.

Your physical transformation is amazing! How are you finding your experience?

I am loving my experience so far, every week I am feeling stronger and happier both physically and mentally. Having The Body Guide to follow has meant I have been able to stay on track even on days where I’m tired and lack motivation, having a read through the Handbook and remembering why I started and to keep pushing towards my goals. I love that the CE promotes a lifestyle and not a quick fix, it is a realistic guideline that takes into account that you will go out for dinner with family or friends every now and then, it educates you on making better choices when you are out and to me that’s important when making lifestyle changes.

What has been the biggest hurdles and how did you overcome them?

I had a couple of weeks through the program where I was working away from home and living in a motel room, usually when I work away from home I let myself down and eat out and not train. This time I decided to pre plan and cook my meals before I left freezing them for the week I was away so I always had a healthy option, not having access to a gym I used the furniture in my room to exercise incorporating the exercises from the CE program instead of just sitting around like I would normally do. It is hard to keep on track when you are in a new environment, but at the end of the couple of weeks I felt really happy and proud of myself that I didn’t just eat junk and be lazy. I made the choice to keep working towards my goals and eating the meals from The Body Handbook.

How do you feel now compared to when you started the programs from The Body Guide?

I have improved so much in the last 8 weeks, I’m stronger and fitter than I have been in nearly a year. My confidence levels have gone up, I am now comfortable buying and wearing clothes that I wouldn’t even go near 8 weeks ago. I feel motivated to continue on my journey as I know that this was just a kick start to get me back on track with my healthy lifestyle.

What advice would you give to other women wanting to make a change to their lifestyle?

I would tell them that changing their lifestyle will be the best decision they ever make. Sometimes it takes a few weeks for your body to see results, so be patient and trust that you are fuelling your body with nutritious healthy food and exercising so results will follow so you will thank yourself in the long run. Don’t give up even on your worst days.

Thank you Nikki for taking the time to share your experience with us – it is sure to inspire others to better their lifestyle and their health. #WeAreTheCE.

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