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The beautiful, down to earth Chadwick model, Mina Imsi is fast gaining traction as one of Melbourne’s hottest models. Passionate about healthy living, Mina shows she has heart as she sat down with us to speak about true health and what it means to her to be one of The CE Women.

    What does being ‘truly healthy’ mean to you?

    For as long as I am working on being the best version of myself in every aspect I feel that I am truly healthy. This counts for every area of my life. Maintaining healthy relationships, finding the time to relax and switch off, ensuring that I fuel my body right and that I exercise to feel good (sometimes treats are exactly the right fuel you need) and most importantly accepting who I am and knowing I am doing my best. Healthy living has been in the spotlight recently and people seem to forget that it does not only narrow down to food and exercise. A healthy mindset is most important and it is the foundation to a healthy life.

    What do you love about The Body Guide?

    The Body Guide is no magic pill, no challenge or detox. Instead of stressing you out with a time frame it teaches you how to relax and achieve what you want in a realistic way. It is honest and straight forward. Anything worth achieving requires dedication, the same goes for a healthy and happy life. The recipe is pretty simple, but nobody will do it for you.

    The CE loves to celebrate inspirational women. Who inspires you, and why?

    I was always inspired by the women in my life and I was lucky to be surrounded by amazing women while growing up. My mum and sister were always my role models; strong, focused and determined with everything they did. Their experiences taught me a lot about handling my own. I get inspired by my girlfriends on a daily basis because they are all such passionate achievers. They all know what they want and spend every day working towards achieving their goals. I think women who don’t take no for an answer should be celebrated. Every girl working towards being a #GirlBoss is my idol!

    What does a typical day in the life of Mina Imsi look like?

    I love my sleep so I rise at around 7-8am depending on my schedule.
    If I have somewhere to be I will always set my alarm 2 hour before I need to leave because I love taking my time in the morning.

    Lemon and hot water to start every day religiously followed by a tsp of honey and ginger home made concoction so my immune system strong.

    I do 10 minutes of stretches every morning and then its breakfast time.
    I alternate between my home made muesli + yoghurt or eggs + avo + chilli on rye sourdough toast (yum)

    I am usually on the run and out of the house by 8. I like to save my coffee for a mid morning snack and I’ll usually have my cappuccino with some almonds around 11am.

    First half of the day is always busy, if I’m not at work, Ill be working from my car, home, cafe…point is I’m always working on something.

    Lunch rolls around and it’s always a brown rice salad of some sort.
    A few more hours of work later, I head back home and either head to the gym, to a yoga class or just a long walk to the beach. This always depends on my mood, how tired I am and how my body feels.

    After my “ME” hour, I’m at home making dinner. I love experimenting with food so it’s always something different. My go to this week is perfect for cold nights, a Mexican inspired quinoa bake with as many veggies snuck in as possible.

    Dinner is finished by 8pm and I’m snuggled up on the couch with my tv shows. In bed by 10.30-11 where I read a bit before sleep and lights out!

    Why is your health a priority for you?

    Managing my stress is always a health priority for me. If I’m highly stressed, everything else begins to suffer as well. I wont make time for myself, my sleep is weak, I have no energy to exercise and then I end up eating whatever is quick and its usually not good!

    When I manage my stress I know that everything else will fall into place.

    You stay healthy, fit and look good all year round. What inspires you to live this way everyday?

    My job requires my to look after my body all year round so it is definitely a big driver in keeping me motivated. Other than that it’s the way I feel when I’m on track. When I make healthy choices and find the time to exercise I have a pep in my step and I’m always more organised in general. Everything seems to flow better!

    What makes you feel confident?

    Preparing well for whatever I have ahead of me makes me feel confident, that way there’s no room for self doubt. It may be a job, an exam or an important meeting, I know if I’ve prepared right, I’ll be ready for any situation.

    De-stressing, recovering and taking the time to regenerate is often an overlooked aspect of health. What is your ‘go-to’ regeneration activity?

    I love taking the time to enjoy my own company. My go to is putting my headphones on and just walking anywhere. It helps me clear my mind and think thoroughly. However, a night in on the couch with The Mindy Project and chocolate is sometimes just what the doctor ordered.

    What’s the best piece of advice you would give to women today?

    I cant stress enough the importance of truly feeling comfortable in your own skin. The way to achieve this is to remember to put yourself first and do what is best for you. Living a healthy and enjoyable lifestyle and constantly educating myself on things that mattered to me made me feel comfortable as a person and happy in my own skin.

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