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6 weight loss products you need to avoid.


29 / 06 / 17



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Navigating the health and fitness industry requires some serious skills these days. There are so many weird and not so wonderful products and fads out there, all making promises of toned abs or tiny waists. The sad thing is, promising is one thing, delivering and being good for you is another. So to save you the need to continue navigating, whilst saving your health, here are the top 6 fitness products you seriously need to avoid:

  1. Skinny tea: Skinny and tea, two words that just don’t belong next to each other. Gaining momentum via Instagram, skinny teas promise to help you to lose body fat, right? Well, possibly…. but not in a way you’d want to experience. That’s because most of these teas should mention that you should have a toilet nearby thanks to their diuretic and laxative effects. But that unspoken experience is really beside the point. The main issue with skinny teas is that they are sold as a worthy replacement for a healthy, well rounded approach to looking good. Plus, they’re not sustainable and they ‘work’ by depleting your body, rather than nourishing, strengthen and balancing it.
  2. Waist trainers: These are based on the insane idea that instead of focusing on your health to better your body, all you have to do is wear a really tight belt that deforms your rib cage and squashes you into the shape you want to be. As if that’s ever going to be a good thing?! You may as well teleport back to the 1800s and wear a corset, there’s not actually any difference. Using one will just mean that you’ll be the same body fat percentage, with same bad habits, you’ll just be rocking a slightly stranger body shape to go with it.
  3. Anything with an infomercial: You know the ones… when the ‘before’ is an overweight person who needs some sun and the ‘after’ is a different person altogether with a tan who obviously doesn’t use this product because it doesn’t work. Infomercials include products like the ‘thigh master’ where you squeeze your knees together until you miraculously get the legs you want…or until you cramp. Or there’s the ‘ab X’ where you sit in a weird circular contraption so you can rock into crunch position and then do that 1000s of times and you’ll end up with washboard abs. In other words, infomercials try to sell you on the idea that you can use perfectly crafted machines to help you perfectly target a specific area of your body, while all the while, these scam artists are well aware that it doesn’t actually work this way.
  4. Juice detox: Ahh, liquid diets. The nonsensical, unsustainable, cousin of regular diets (which are equally as ridiculous). Any diet, liquid or not, is ‘started’ with the idea that it will be stopped. But what then? Then, you go back to your old ways that made you want to change how you felt and looked in the first place. Did you learn anything about how to not end up back there? Nope. Did you improve any habits during this excruciating detox period that you were waiting to finish as soon as you started it? Nope. Did you have much energy to workout and improve your health from that side of things while you were running on liquid all day? Likely not. Do we need to explain any further why juice detoxes don’t help you at all and leave you stuck in the diet ‘circle of doom?’ No.
  5. Anything that tells you that you can improve an area of your body in under 10minutes: eg: 5 minute abs. Firstly: everyone has abs. But in order to see them you have to change what you eat, not do 200 crunches everyday for 5 minutes. Let’s face it, it’s not a workout if there’s no work involved.
  6. Weight loss pills: Do nothing and be rewarded. That’s pretty much what these pills are telling you is possible. You can keep living poorly and you’ll look great right? Wrong. Don’t expect to see a change if you don’t make one…and that doesn’t mean adding popping a pill to your daily routine. It means putting in the effort to eat healthier, workout more and rest when you need it. Anything that tells you otherwise is lying. It’s the simple truth.

All these products do is tell you what you want to hear, not what you need to hear. And by doing that, all they do is add to the confusion. They take away from the one message that is true and real: if you want to look and feel good, you have to work and you have to live well. Because doing that day in, day out, is that only thing that you’ll get what you want, there’s no quick fix.

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