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Starring in campaigns for Lorna Jane, Just Jeans, Speedo, Adidas and Myer, this self – managed model Dani Bonnor is one of Australia’s hottest models and Instagram ‘it’ girl. This bubbly, kind hearted beauty is refreshingly passionate about the importance of living a life of true health, and staying truly healthy all year round. Here, Dani talks to us about what being one of The CE Women means to her.

    What does being one of “The CE Women” mean to you?

    It is an honour to be on board as one of The CE Women. It gives me the opportunity to educate, motivate and share my own personal journey with you all. I love nothing more than to inspire others and to show other women how much they can achieve with the right mindset.

    What does being ‘truly healthy’ mean to you?

    When I think about health I immediately think “balance”. I feel truly healthy when my mind, body and soul are working together in harmony. Health is so much more than the physical body. But about the totality of you. It is a way to improve your overall quality of life! Health is about loving who you are, inside and out, feeling strong and confident and being the best you can be for YOU.

    What do you love about The Body Guide?

    It is refreshing to see how much effort has gone into both The Body Guide. I love that they cover ALL aspects of health and wellbeing. Both educating us all on the importance of a positive mind alongside super motivating workouts and nourishing recipes for our bodies.

    The CE loves to celebrate inspirational women. Who inspires you, and why?

    This is an easy question! My sister Sam. She’s seriously dedicated to her health and happiness and with two babies under two, she still makes sure she is moving her body and making healthy choices daily. She constantly inspires and encourages me in all aspects of life. We are so lucky to live close to one another and schedule in works out together. We’re always laughing through every session!!

    What does a typical day in the life of Dani Bonnor look like?

    No two days are ever the same for me! My job (modelling) takes me to many different destinations and no two jobs/days are ever the same. Every morning though, I can’t go past my coffee then either practice yoga, or a walk/run or Pilates. I then make a jam packed healthy smoothie ready for a big day of work. It’s so important for me to start every day right! I take my dog Charlie for a walk and dip in the ocean on days I get home earlier!

    Why is your health a priority for you?

    Health is EVERYTHING. Without good health we cannot function to our greatest ability in all aspects of life.

    You stay healthy, fit and looking good all year round. What inspires you to live this way everyday?

    My parents instilled healthy habits from a young age so it has been a normal natural aspect of my life. I know how great being healthy FEELS. I think this is inspiring in itself. I want to feel my absolute best everyday so I’ll continue to keep moving, nourishing and caring for my body.

    De-stressing, recovering and taking the time to regenerate is often an overlooked aspect of health. What is your ‘go-to’ regeneration activity?

    Yoga and meditation. I began practicing 18 months ago and have not turned back. It is my chance to connect to the breath and calm the mind. It is so important to stop and breathe and let go of anything that does not serve you.

    A workout gives you so much more than physical benefits. What do your workouts do for you?

    I could write a novel on this question. There are endless benefits! I am generally in a great mood, I sleep better, it lowers anxiety levels, I am more alert and it keeps a spring in my step!

    What’s the best piece of advice you would give to women today?

    Remember you are your own. No one else will ever be you. Be the best you can be and do it for YOURSELF. You’re worthiness is not defined by your physical appearance. You’re all amazing, beautiful, intelligent and more than worthy of happiness. Be good to yourself. Love yourself. Be kind to yourself.

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