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Beautiful, down to Earth, Melbourne based model, Casey Vissenjoux is fast gaining traction as one of Australia’s hottest models. With a big heart and a smile to match, Casey shares her thoughts on what she believes it means to be truly healthy and what being one of The CE Women means to her.

    What does being one of “The CE Women” mean to you?

    I feel so excited being named as one of The CE women as it has given me an opportunity to share some of my thoughts on a topic which I am really passionate about.

    What does being ‘truly healthy’ mean to you?

    To me, being truly healthy allows us to be the best version of ourselves and to thrive. This means not only looking after our physical bodies but also our minds, getting enough rest and maintaining a positive balance across the different aspects of our lives.

    What do you love about The Body Guide?

    Being slightly food obsessed, I am loving the recipes ideas in TheBody Guide. It is quite easy to get bored of same foods and recipes on rotation so it’s always great to find some new inspiration for healthy meal ideas!

    The CE loves to celebrate inspirational women. Who inspires you, and why?

    I am inspired by different women for different reasons everyday. Some of them are family and the friends I have chosen, others may be strangers but one of the common traits they all possess is kindness. To me, nothing is more inspiring than a positive outlook and a kind nature.

    What does a typical day in the life of Casey Vissenjoux look like?

    Working as a model my days are always varied which I love! Most days I will get up early and head out for a run before getting myself ready for whatever is on for the day.

    Some days I will have a couple of castings to get between, others I will be on photoshoots or different jobs.

    On my days off I will get up and either head to a yoga class or for a nice run to start the day off well. Then I might catch up with a friend over coffee, stock of on from fresh groceries from the markets and get stuck into the kitchen for a few hours!

    Why is your health a priority for you?

    Working as a model it is very important to be fit and healthy but I’ve always had a deep interest in health. If we chose to make our health a priority we have so much control over the way we feel and it helps us live our lives to their full potential.

    What makes you feel confident?

    I feel most confident when I am prioritising all the things I need to feel really fit and healthy. When I’m in this state my mind stays clear and I feel the best about myself.

    De-stressing, recovering and taking the time to regenerate is often an overlooked aspect of health. What is your ‘go-to’ regeneration activity?

    I am most relaxed when I am outdoors and love to find new places to explore. So my favourite way to de-stress is going for a drive and finding somewhere beautiful for a nice long walk in the fresh air.

    A workout gives you so much more than physical benefits. What do your workouts do for you?

    My workouts keep me sane! I don’t think I would be a very nice person without exercise! I love to run and running is a real release for me – I always come back feeling like a new person.

    What’s the best piece of advice you would give to women today?

    Be okay with putting yourself first and dedicating time to look after your health. After all, we have much more to contribute when we feel our best!

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