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The 5 fitness myths you need to stop believing.


05 / 09 / 16



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“A great ab routine will get me a six-pack.”

The bad news is, it doesn’t work this way. But the good news is that everyone has rippling abdominal muscles. Bad news again: they may be too covered in fat to be seen. That body fat needs to decrease so you can showcase the washboard you’ve always had underneath. And that means you need to focus on the right nutrition because that’s what’s going to make all the difference. And that means sit-ups alone won’t cut it.

“Squats are the best way to slim down my butt and thighs.”

Just like crunches can’t give you instant abs, you can’t spot reduce any other areas of your body. Fat burns evenly from the body, but some areas have a larger store than others, and that differs person to person. Your body doesn’t burn the fat nearest the muscle you’re using for its fuel, so squats won’t shrink down your thighs and bicep curls won’t blitz your upper arms. It’s a whole-body deal.

“I just need to exercise more and I’ll get skinny.”

No. Firstly, the right nutrition is key when it comes to fat loss. Secondly, less is more: you have better things to do than workout for hours every day, which is what you’d need to do if you’re playing the calories in VS calories out game if you’re indulging all the time. Life goes on even when you’re working out, so you need to exercise smarter, not longer. A good workout like The CE Workout Method puts the body through unique but positive stress: too much and it just becomes overstressed and could result in injury or overtraining, which will actually hinder your fat loss progress.

“I don’t need to lose weight, I just want to, like, tone up, I guess.”

Toning is a combination of the right nutrition and exercise: you’re going to burn fat. That’s how you get toned. People talk about toning like it’s a magic third body sculpting technique along with building muscle and cutting fat. But toning is simply the appearance of leanness: an aesthetic rather than a method. To achieve the look, you’ll need to do some good old fat burning to show off the long, lean muscle you have underneath.

“I don’t want to lift weights too much…I’ll get bulky and look like a man.”

Firstly, us women don’t have enough testosterone to build muscle as fast and as easily as the boys. Our hormonal profile just won’t allow it. That means, lifting weights is absolutely nothing to be scared of. As a matter of fact, the best form of training for your health and your body is in fact weight training. Lifting heavy things, often means you’ll gain strength and boost your metabolism, which both add up to burning fat or, if you must, “getting toned…”

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