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About Us

Welcome to The Collective Elite.

We are a revolutionary fitness and lifestyle movement and we do things differently…

We focus on our health not on our weight.

We don’t do restrictive diets. Instead we eat to nourish and respect ourselves.

We workout because we love our bodies not because we hate them.

And because health is our way of life, we look good and we feel good. Always.

The CE exists to empower women with the right wellness information and lifestyle philosophy. We stand apart from mainstream weight loss and fitness products, to cut through the noise and confusion and provide a clear way of living. A lifestyle method for the modern woman, #theCElife is a revolutionary movement towards a balanced approach, focused on the four foundations of health: Mindset, Nutrition, Fitness and Regeneration.

We are dedicated to informing and inspiring women to live #theCElife, achieve true health, get the body they want and keep it for good. It is our mission for all women across the world to embrace a lifestyle approach to health and wellbeing.