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Why your mirror selfie doesn’t tell you everything.

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13th October, 2016 | by The CE Team

You stand there, in front of the mirror, analysing your tummy, the size of your thighs or the shape of your bum… sound familiar? Don’t worry…it’s safe to say that pretty much everyone does it. It’s how we assess our efforts, both in the kitchen and at the gym. In other words, it’s how we assess our progress – how we keep check if we’re doing well…

But what about all the things you can’t see?

The increases in endurance? The improvements in strength? The better mood? The enhanced energy? The confidence? … how does staring at yourself in the mirror analyse those?  Simple… it doesn’t. Yes progress includes physical changes, and yes they’re super satisfying and part of the process of getting healthy, but they’re not the only measure of how far you’ve come.

There’s so much more to health than just how you look.

There’s all the achievements and improvements that you can’t see that you develop along the way to looking as good as you feel. And those things deserve just as much celebration and recognition, if not more. Those are the things that make you, you. Those are the things that make up who you are, what you do and most importantly… what you’re becoming.