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Why you don’t need motivation.


1st August, 2016 | by The CE Team

Motivation. It’s what we’re always looking for. It’s the ongoing search for that someone or something that will give you the fire to start or to be persistent and keep working towards your goals.

But the truth is: nothing and no one external can motivate you to do anything.

Instead, the motivation must come from within.

How badly you want to achieve your goals will determine how motivated you are to work towards them. How bad you want it will determine the choices you make. Choices that will either take you another step towards or another step away from the goal you have set yourself.

The fact is, we are motivated by what we love the most…

So if you love the idea of becoming leaner, stronger and more confident in your body over the short term ‘feel-good’ reward you get from indulging in unhealthy food, then you’ll choose to live a lifestyle of health. You’ll get the body and the confidence you’re after. But if you love the short term reward over body confidence and satisfaction, then you won’t get the body you’re after. It really is that simple.

So, what do you love most?

Do you love and respect yourself enough to make the choice to eat well, to workout and to de-stress?

Make the time to find out ‘why you want it’ – why you want to make the change. Let your drive come from within…

Motivation will no longer be a factor.