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Why Super Foods Are Super False.


23rd May, 2017


Kale. Quinoa. Coconut oil. Superfoods and their super incredible claims are everywhere these days. We’ve all seen the headlines: “The superfood smoothie for perfect skin” or “The new superfood that guarantees a perfect night’s sleep.” From magazine covers to news headlines, their presence and their marketing claims are virtually inescapable. But with such big promises, do these foods really deserve their own ‘super’ category…? Well, not really. Let us tell you why…

  1. Any form of real food will do your body good.

Bananas, chicken thighs and poppy seeds just don’t have the same buzz as kale and spirulina, but they do you just as much benefit. That’s because every type of real food (“superfoods” included) is just that, real – there’s no chemicals, preservatives, or weird additives, just the nutrients and vitamins that Mother Nature intended. In other words, you don’t need to only eat superfoods to get super healthy. All real food is a super food in its own right. And just to prove our point: If you were to look through enough super food lists and you’ll find almost every fruit, vegetable and seed is listed there. Eat well, eat with variety and you health (and body) will thank you for it.

  1. Your lifestyle will make the most difference, not a single smoothie.

Burgers for lunch, choosing the couch over the gym, late nights and soft drinks won’t be balanced out by the effects of a magical superfood packed green smoothie. It just doesn’t work that way. There’s only one way your health will improve, and that’s if you look to better it from all angles – better your mind, improve your nutrition, build strength through working out and bring balance by recovering effectively. That’s because the one off, single green smoothies won’t help you sleep any better or better your skin on their own.

The moral of the story? Nothing can better your health on its own – results come when you live the lifestyle approach.