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How-To: Live healthy when others make it hard.

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19th October, 2016

Have you ever been made to feel weird, extreme or “no fun” by friends, family or colleagues because you decided not to eat something unhealthy? Have you been made to feel like an outsider because you chose health…?

You’re not alone.

When people around you see that you’re choosing to be better to your body by not joining them in their “normal” (unhealthy) behaviours, it hurts them. It’s inconvenient for them, because it shows them what they’re not doing, it shows them how their not prioritising their health…and that makes them feel bad about themselves.

This is not your problem.

We all have the power of choice in everything we do. At every moment. And if anyone else makes an unhealthy decision, it’s something they’re deciding for themselves and their body. They don’t have the right to comment or force their opinion on the decisions you make for you.

We want you to always remember: choosing to be healthy – skipping that sugary dessert, hitting the gym over after-work drinks, not overloading on the starter bread etc. is easily seen as “extreme”, because when compared to modern society’s “normal” (unhealthy) way of living – it is extreme. That’s because this accepted “normal” way of living is the problem – a new “normal” needs to be established…but that’s a topic for another time.

Stand tall, and be proud of your choices. Remember that no one has the power to make you feel “bad” if you don’t give it to them. And remember, these decisions you make are the ultimate show of self-respect.