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Why you should never do a juice cleanse.

229th September, 2016 | by The CE Team

Juice cleanses, juice detoxes or juice diets…whatever you want to call them, they’re bad news. Let us help you understand the main reasons why they’re not the healthy option you’ve been led to believe they are.

Firstly, you need to get to the bottom of why you think you need to do a juice cleanse or detox in the first place..? Your liver and kidneys are already working hard 24/7 to detoxify your body from the toxins you’re exposed to. So there really is no need to add an external source to further the natural detoxification process.

Secondly, when on a juice cleanse you’ll be consuming a very concentrated amount of calories, usually containing high amounts of sugar with each juice. For example a glass of orange juice may contain four oranges; but we couldn’t imagine many people sitting down to eat four oranges in one go. So as you can see, it’s much easier to consume more energy (than you normally would) in a short period of time when in juice form.

Additionally, all the fibre is removed from the juice, because when you make juice, you leave the fibre behind. This is a problem because fibre helps regulate your blood sugar. Plus it helps with satiety, lowering bad cholesterol and improving gastrointestinal regulation. You’re not getting any of these benefits when doing a juice cleanse.

However, we believe the biggest issue with a juice cleanse is how extreme it is. People typically choose to do a juice cleanse or detox as a kick-start to a healthy lifestyle change. Their belief that to be healthy they have to make a drastic change is the big problem. We call this the “diet-style mindset” which is the product of a broken health and fitness industry, which we think has been caused by extreme celebrity diets, quick-fix programs and health and fitness magazine cover headlines for years now.

When someone takes an extreme approach to nutritional or lifestyle change, like doing a juice cleanse, it involves a period of disciplined restriction (in this case of all food) followed by returning back to their “normal” way of life…the lifestyle that originally produced the state they wanted to cleanse from in the first place. This isn’t healthy living.

Your focus should be on learning a way of life that you don’t need cleansing from. This is precisely our mission at The CE, we teach you a sustainable lifestyle method that gets you healthy and as a by-product you feel great and look great without ever needing to cleanse, detox or diet. Period.