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HIIT VS jogging: Why HIIT reigns supreme.


22nd March, 2017

Forget losing hours of your day to boring ol’ steady state cardio… we know you’ve got better things to do. So next time you think you need to schedule a 60 minute jog, save yourself 45 minutes and go with HIIT instead. That’s because HIIT isn’t just faster, but so much more effective. Learn why The CE’s preferred method of cardio is HIIT:

  1. HIIT promotes EPOC (Excess Post Exercise Oxygen Consumption), AKA the ‘afterburn effect.’ It’s called ‘afterburn’ because that’s exactly what it does: raises your metabolism significantly, so you continue to burn fat for 24 – 48 hours post workout. In comparison, the degree to which steady state cardio raises your metabolism compared to being completely at rest is actually close to negligible.
  2. You’ll get results faster doing HIIT. That’s because it burns more fat and gets you fitter, faster compared to steady state cardio.
  3. HIIT helps your body to hold onto your hard earned muscle, while ensuring that any weight you do lose is only body fat…that’s a win/win! On the other hand, steady state cardio actually encourages muscle loss in an attempt to make your body more efficient at jogging. Additionally, excessive steady state cardio actually promotes fat gain by increasing the levels of cortisol (the stress hormone) in your body, which results in holding onto fat stores.
  4. HIIT is easily adapted to whatever time and space you have available to you. You can do it in the lounge-room or down at the beach and it doesn’t matter if you’ve only got 5 minutes or 25 minutes, you’ll still reap the benefits and be able to tick cardio off the list for the day. Steady state cardio? Not so much…
  5. The short, sharp, efficient nature of HIIT makes it reportedly more enjoyable. And a more enjoyable workout routine means it’s more likely to stick. In other words, swapping steady state cardio for HIIT won’t just mix up you workout routine, it’ll save you from getting bored, frustrated and eventually quitting your workouts, saving you from ever having to ‘start over’ – while keeping you fit, strong, lean and feeling unstoppable.