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This is why hard workouts aren’t that hard.

shutterstock_34301298515th August, 2016 | by The CE Team

It’s true…working out is hard. Workouts are uncomfortable. They take time. And also commitment to get the results you’re after.

But there’s something that’s even harder than a muscle aching, lung burning, sweaty workout – and that’s looking in the mirror and not liking who you see. And we’re not talking about not liking ‘the look’ of the person who’s looking back. It’s about that person not feeling confident, and knowing that their health isn’t where it could be.

Every moment you have two choices. You can choose to step towards a healthier, stronger, fitter version of you. Or, you can continue down ‘the comfortable’ path. The path that doesn’t involve any dedication or effort…but this is the same path where you’ll continue to feel self conscious, less confident and ironically, less comfortable.

It’s your choice which ‘HARD’ you choose…

One ‘hard’ hurts for 30 minutes and leads you to a better version of yourself. The other hurts all the time and leads you to the unconfident, unhealthy version of you.