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13th April, 2017

When thinking of Easter, most of us think of chocolate, hot cross buns and well, chocolate (yes, again). But what happens once the Easter indulgences are over? What about the common feelings of guilt as well as the stress of having to ‘work off’ all the treats that follow? Well, it doesn’t have to be that way. Let us explain…

There is an art to indulging in your favourite foods and it all rests on your mindset:

  • Think about your treats as just that, treats, not a cheat meal. By using the word ‘cheat’ we imply that it includes broken rules and self deception. But when you don’t diet and just live a healthy lifestyle, there are no rules to break. Eating well is simply a way of life, and that includes that occasional treat too.
  • Having a treat doesn’t make you ‘bad’ – the kind of person you are has nothing to do with the food you choose to eat. Anyone can be a jerk and eat boiled chicken and celery… it takes a special mindset to recognise that you can just live a balanced way of life.
  • There’s no denying it, there are some incredible tastes out there that have been chemically and scientifically formulated to taste that way. A treat meal is simply your opportunity to sample those tastes. And knowing that also equips you with the knowledge that it shouldn’t be done often, because its’ not doing your health or your body any favours. So when you do choose to indulge, enjoy it, own it and get back on track next meal.

So this weekend, as you’re unwrapping the foil off your chocolate eggs, keep these points in mind. You’ll enjoy your treats that little bit more and know that that gooey chocolate taste is one to enjoy, before getting straight back to healthy living next meal. No guilt, no shame, no crazy ‘next day workouts,’ and no big steps backwards because it’s the weekend – just a mindful, healthy, balanced way of life… #theCElife.