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Diets decoded: the reason why you can’t keep the results you get.


26th July, 2016 | by The CE Team

Everywhere you look, you’re being told that a fit, toned body is 28 days, a magic pill or a cup of detox tea away.

Let’s get real – these just don’t work in the long term. The worst part though? These quick fix, ‘diet style’ solutions are usually approached with the mindset that you’re about to start a restrictive, challenging and unenjoyable process. The body you ‘get’ at the end is your reward for this painful, difficult process that you’ve just endured. You’ll be able to enjoy your new body for a little while, now that you’ve completed the unenjoyable process, but because this approach had an end to it, you’ll probably go back to your ‘normal’ routine, ending up in the same place that made you to want to change in the first place, so you’ll “have to do it again.”

This is why quick fix solutions leave you with nothing. And because they’re simply for the short term – created to ‘help you’ address a long term issue: the way you live day-to-day – your lifestyle. And that just doesn’t make sense…That’s why we wish those kinds of products never even existed. We wish quick fix solutions never became an option. Why? Because if they weren’t around, people might not have such a disconnect between their lifestyle and their body. And maybe we’d live in a world where all we wanted to do was to take care of ourselves, to respect our body, knowing that it’s the only vessel we have to take us through our lives.

This is our wish. This is our mission.

We want you to know that we will be working tirelessly to spread this message, because it’s the only approach that you will ever need to be truly healthy and happy, always.