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The thing you need to know about ‘cheat’ meals.

524th August, 2016 | by The CE Team

It’s Saturday night. And you and your girls are heading out for a bit of indulgence…and it’s been decided, pizza is on the menu.

But this hot, cheesy, delicious decision today is often followed by feelings of guilt tomorrow. And those feelings of guilt are also served with the compensatory drive to ‘try and un-do’ your enjoyment of those 3 slices of pepperoni in your next workout. These feelings are so common, they’re practically the new mental hangover after a treat meal.

It seems almost impossible to head out, indulge and socialise without having to regret it the next day. Talk about ruining a night out…

But it doesn’t need to be this way. Because, what you do most often matters so much more than what you do every once in a while. So when you look back over the last week and see all the good choices you made, recognise that they make so much more of an impact on your health and on your body than just the one indulgent meal you had. Beyond that, look at all the choices you make across a month, and even a year and recognise that they far outweigh a single indulgence.

Own your decision. Enjoy it. Get back to normal next meal.

And remember, your health goes for a lifetime, not for one night.