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Calorie Counting? Count Us Out.

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7th November, 2016

The calorie counting game is one of the most commonly played ones when it comes to healthy living… but we don’t want any part in it. We don’t like it. And we don’t think it’s a valid approach to getting healthy, at all. Let us explain…

Firstly, when you count calories, you turn your food from nutrients into numbers. In other words, the nutritional value of the food is completely overlooked in favour of its energy content. 

For example, a handful of nuts and a small chocolate bar might have the same number of calories, but one is clearly better for your health than the other. But if you were playing the calorie counting game, it wouldn’t matter which one you chose. Eat poorly and negatively impact your health with an abundance of toxins, but just don’t go over your daily calorie quota… This will take your health backwards, not forwards in the long term.

Secondly, who wants to count their food? Not us. We’d rather eat it. Food is there to be enjoyed with the knowledge that every mouthful of every meal is taking us a step closer to our best, healthiest selves. When a simple meal becomes a mathematical problem to be solved, every meal becomes stressful.

Thirdly, counting calories just isn’t sustainable. Why? Because it reminds you, at every single meal, that you’re on a diet. This just doesn’t make living a healthy lifestyle easy, it makes it a chore, and one you’re going to want to give up on soon enough.

It’s pretty clear, calorie counting doesn’t count for much. So do yourself a favour, focus on eating real, unprocessed food. And focus on the way food nourishes you, and not just its numeric value.