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30th May, 2017

Big booties, tiny waists and perfect tummies constantly flood our Insta feeds. Every second Instagram fitness influencer is known for one body part or another. And when you put the two together you get ‘Miss bubble butt’s booty building program’ – and along with it, the implication that if you use her program you’ll get a butt that looks exactly like hers…. right? Well…. no. It doesn’t actually work that way. And that’s ok! Let us explain…

Everyone is different. No two people are the same – we’re all different shapes and sizes. What we mean is, your butt will be a different shape to your sister’s and your best friend’s butt. And that’s exactly why Miss Bubble Butt’s Booty Building Program won’t magically get you a butt that looks like hers. What it will get you though, is your butt, just bigger, stronger and better. That’s because no two butts are the same. So, don’t try to be fit like her. Be fit like you. Trying to look like someone else isn’t just impossible (as you now know), but it overlooks all that you are and all that makes you unique.

You can’t just hit your glutes at the gym and expect that’s what will get you the best body and results. The best bodies are strong all over – big glutes and all. That’s because these bodies are balanced and proportioned. But most importantly, they haven’t sacrificed strengthening one body part in favour of another – because being fit and healthy is about the entire body. So just work on your whole body, work on your health overall, and trust us, the results will undoubtedly speak for themselves.

And that’s what #theCElife is all about – because we know that looking good is a whole body deal. We don’t ignore other parts of your body in favour of others. Instead, we show you how to strengthen your entire body, all while supporting your health with the right nutrition and maintaining balance with regeneration activities. We show you to live the lifestyle, where you’ll better your health and as a result, you’ll better your body (completely). You won’t just feel your best, you’ll look it.